Once again Silvermist Studio attended the Tasmanian Craft Fair as an exhibitor.  This was our eighth year and as always a very rewarding event.  This year we worked closely with Healesville Glass Blowing Studio and combined our sites which made for a visually spectacular display.


..and some frustration.

This is one of the premium arts events on the Tasmanian calendar and we can highly recommend a visit on the first week end of November each year. Amazing artists from all over Australia exhibiting and working with Tasmanian and international artists. The whole town of Deloraine is electric with the excitement of the four day event.

However the biggest highlight was still to come. This years entry into the Premier’s Award for Excellence actually won!!!  Its an exploration of sculptural form as wearable jewellery.  This is a very tricky area to work in as it means juggling form and function whilst maintaining artistic integrity.

This is something that happens to other people……..usually.

There is nothing more rewarding than to have your work recognised in such an arena and to be described as a master craftsman. This can only mean that I am one step closer to achieving my goal to being as good a craftsman as any master that has gone before me. However I think there is still a long way to go!