A most rewarding job

Designing jewellery for individual clients is both a challenging and very rewarding process. It often involves several hours of drafting designs and discussions to get to the final draft and get it just right.

Drafting a design the old fashioned way.

Drafting a design the old fashioned way.


The settings are often built first starting from the centre and working outwards.

Building the main setting.

Building the main setting.


The layout is checked constantly to ensure the the design comes together as perfectly as possible. Its easier to fix flaws the design in the early stages rather than when its all finished.

Laying out the settings

Laying out the settings


Checking that everything fits together properly.


Finalising the layout


The greatest pleasure of all is the look of excitement that the finished piece gets when I open the box for the first time. To have meet someone’s expectations and made them that happy is immensely rewarding, perhaps even more so than being able to create beautiful things with my own hands.

The finished ring.

The finished ring.

This is a 750 white gold and 750 pink gold ring set with a 1.04ct centre diamond, approximately 0.85ct of small diamonds around it and finished off with 4x bright pink sapphires.


Once again Silvermist Studio attended the Tasmanian Craft Fair as an exhibitor.  This was our eighth year and as always a very rewarding event.  This year we worked closely with Healesville Glass Blowing Studio and combined our sites which made for a visually spectacular display.


..and some frustration.

This is one of the premium arts events on the Tasmanian calendar and we can highly recommend a visit on the first week end of November each year. Amazing artists from all over Australia exhibiting and working with Tasmanian and international artists. The whole town of Deloraine is electric with the excitement of the four day event.

However the biggest highlight was still to come. This years entry into the Premier’s Award for Excellence actually won!!!  Its an exploration of sculptural form as wearable jewellery.  This is a very tricky area to work in as it means juggling form and function whilst maintaining artistic integrity.

This is something that happens to other people……..usually.

There is nothing more rewarding than to have your work recognised in such an arena and to be described as a master craftsman. This can only mean that I am one step closer to achieving my goal to being as good a craftsman as any master that has gone before me. However I think there is still a long way to go!

Rubies and Champagne

Over recent months this style of ring has become known as the “Bec ring” because we made the first one for Bec.

After several orders and many enquiries we finally have one in the studio for you to try on, but I don’t think it will last very long.

We have also been having fun with some Gothic Revival style rings.

This beautiful ring of rubies and diamonds was inspired by our recent visit to the British Museum where I found a display of several magnificent pieces of jewellery commissioned by John Ruskin, William Morris and others. Most inspirational!

New earring designs at Silvermist Studio


The first of our newest designs are in the studio as of today. They are light and very easy to wear. Variations on this design will be studs with pearls or other gemstone beads (above). And for those who keep asking, we will also be making clip-on versions.

For those of you who like choices we also have round. All of our new designs are currently sporting our new ear hook designs. And of course if you have  a desire for something just a little more special then call us at the studio and we’ll make them for you.

So to see them for your self get along to the studio and if you’re one of us “art lovers” come and see us during Yarra Valley Open Studios (September 10-11 & 17-18th). For more information go to where you can download the guidebook and pick up a link to the FREE iphone app.

New Inspirations

It has been a while but Silvermist has been traveling in London, Scotland and France meeting gold and silversmiths along with many other artists.  There was much to inspire both within the artistic communities and the landscape with its history.  To see the ancient silver jewellery that was the beginning of Latvian silver and the Snettisham Torc or beautiful jewells commissioned by John Ruskin at the British Museum left me with very itchy fingers and a longing for my workbench.

Immediately upon returning I had to create something and so this thistle inspired pin was made.

The Citrines look great against the Wallace tartan.

On Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl is an unusual material to work with but it is something that gives our work a unique finish.  One of the techniques or design tools that we use with Mother of Pearl pieces is setting stones into the shell as demonstrated in these two pendants made this week. On the above, the onyx is only partially inserted into the shell. On the  below we have also partially inserted a Topaz but also set a Diamond into the centre. Although the back of these pieces is not shown, they are always finished with some form of decorative design that is a special secret just for the wearer.  What colour gemstone would you put in yours?

At Silvermist Studio….

This is where we at Silvermist will share with you some our inspirations, ideas and news about our many projects and all things jewellery.

an inspired piece straight from the gem trays

It is also where we will share with you some of the many breakthroughs and news from the industry.  You will also learn about many of the great things that are going on in The Arts and Tourism here in the Yarra Valley.